Developing Emotional Excellence at the Workplace

Learning to create happiness at work through EQ

Organizations striving to improve the workplace environment need to consider Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as valued workplace skills. EQ emerges not merely from intellectual rationalization, but from the workings of the human heart, enhancing interpersonal functioning, leadership abilities, and stress management.

Participants will explore EQ and its purpose, deploying tools to develop an individual action plan for its application using the Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI) Holistic model for EQ. They will learn to identify different traits and understand the sources of conflicts.

Come and explore ways to build highly innovative teams and improve collaboration.

This programme is for anyone seriously wanting to create a happier workplace.

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    Programme Learning Outcomes

    • Understand Emotional Intelligence and its purpose
    • Discover individual preferred behaviours
    • Know the strength and perceived weaknesses of different personality traits
    • Understand sources of conflict in teams
    • Apply LPI Holistic model for Emotional Excellence
    • Design action plans for an Emotional Excellence workplace

    Programme Framework


    Personality profiling using
    Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI)

    Wellness of the mind
    and the whole person

    Developing Emotional
    Excellent Organisations