Building and Sustaining High Performance Teams for Success


Team building is about strengthening capacity to ensure collective tasks and common goals are achieved.

Our Team Building program empowers organisations to unleash individual and collective talents to enhance performance and create synergies to maintain high team spirit.

Designed exclusively for each organisation or community, the program aims to meet specific needs and aspirations, recognising the challenges and strengths of diverse talents within a shared team context.

We offer indoor and nature-based outdoor activities, using techniques aimed at increasing motivation and boosting cooperation.

Exploring diversity and group dynamics, participants will develop reflective thinking and adopt inclusive practices through these activities.

Join us and bring fresh insights to your workplace.

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    Programme Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

    • Define what a team is
    • Understand the Five stages of team development
    • Understand the roles and responsibility of individuals in teams
    • Enhance Emotional Intelligence in Teams
    • Build mutual respect and trust in teams
    • Identify sources of conflict and manage conflict in teams
    • Develop and maintain team spirit
    • Facilitate Team conversation using the R.E.S.P.E.C.T model

    Programme Framework

    In today’s competitive global business environment, organisations need to empower individuals and teams to keep up with the speed of change. In order to achieve their Vision and Mission, organisations need to constantly focus on building teams that are self-motivated to sustain their high performance.

    We design and develop programs to train and coach teams to enhance their performance and to create the synergy within the team to maintain high team spirit. In order to achieve the program objectives and effective team learning our approach will be based on an adult-centric learner-centred cycle of learning. This involves and capitalises on the adult learners’ desire for active participation in and responsibility for their learning.

    The program will also employ experiential learning techniques and tools to maximize participation and to instil the element of fun in learning.