In this interview, we had the pleasure of learning from Soffian from HRDC and Captain Dr. Captain Shan Moorthi PhD, IAC-CC™, who discussed the level of awareness among Malaysian industries, businesses, and talents regarding the need to upskill and develop new skills and knowledge.

How Coaching Can Transform Minds
(Capt. Dr. Shan & An interview with Ada Derana English Sri Langka)

Coaching Skills For Managers - Full
(Capt. Dr. Shan & Amathe Gamage)

Building A Performance Coaching Culture
(Capt. Dr. Shan & HCMI SEA PACIFIC)

Industry Talk: Coaching for Leaders
(Capt. Dr. Shan & Sarawak Skills)

Demonstrating Courage as a Leader
(Capt. Dr. Shan)

Virtual Patience
(Capt. Dr. Shan)

Are you the 'Senget' Leader?
(Capt. Dr. Shan?

What is Purpose?
(Capt. Dr. Shan)

Empower to gain power!
(Capt. Dr. Shan)

Ability Vs Availability
(Capt. Dr. Shan)

Coaching Skills for Educational Leadership
(Capt. Dr. Shan & Hundredfold Academy)

Coaching Skills For Managers - Preview
(Capt. Dr. Shan & Amathe Gamage)