Center for
Community Development

The Community Development Centre - a place of learning and building for those who want to forge community strength.

The Centre for Community Development

Today, many working with communities are seeking more efficient and innovative ways of serving their clients, recognising that new and radical approaches are needed in order to meet the complex web of emerging issues. But who is there to help them find ways to carve the new directions in community engagements?

Our new Centre for Community Development has risen out of this recognition of the current and unprecedented challenges faced by those determined to continue serving communities and want to ensure successful outcomes in what is an increasingly demanding social, economic and political environment.

We believe that no one needs to feel defeated or discouraged in carrying out their mission in this climate of uncertainty. Instead, they need to come together to embrace new knowledge and skills that will help them equip and motivate community members identify and take collective actions on issues that are important to them. With the skills that they will learn at the Centre and with the exchange of ideas and knowledge, community development professionals can begin to serve with greater certainly, clarity and vision amidst the maze of problems faced by diverse communities.

The centre aims to be a platform to connect professionals and to support and inspire them to find  innovative and sustainable pathways that will  will help create stronger and more connected communities. Despite having the desire to foster change, many organisations, including community leaders, do not have a clear direction on how best to create solutions and build communities, particularly in these turbulent times of depleting resources, discordance and disruption, be it at the community or organisational level.

Strong strategies and a solid foundation are needed in order to push towards new directions and this can be developed in a number of ways, which include acquiring skills in Coaching, Effective Leadership and Facilitation.  At the Centre for Community Development, professionals, semi-professionals and volunteers can embark on a number of journeys of personal and professional growth, all of which, will support them towards developing a clear plan of action that makes it possible to  build an active and engaged community.

Services and Learning & Development Solutions

  • 7C – Leading with Purpose and Passion (Community Builder)
  • Coaching for Community Development
  • Facilitation for Community Development