Become A Certified Facilitator (CF) Facilitation Program

Be a competent facilitator to help make a difference

At Teamcoach International, our facilitation program is structured to help you negotiate and facilitate group discussions that lead to successful outcomes and meet a group’s objectives.

As a certified facilitator, you will be able to demonstrate strong skills in terms of process facilitation competencies, and you will be more effective and qualified to facilitate discussions, project meetings, initiate performance plans, and cultivate good communication within your group.

As a result, possessing effective facilitation skills equips you to guide your group towards an actionable plan, and builds consensus around a topic among your group members, and helps you ask relevant questions to move the group discussion forward. 

Our facilitation program is conducted by seasoned practitioners who are experienced in corporate, community and learning and development environments. Teamcoach International’s facilitation program is trusted and recognised by Education Finland, and has also been evaluated by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

This program is highly suitable for you, especially if you enjoy connecting with people, and enjoy helping your team to produce more effective and tangible results. Register with us now and see how our facilitation skills training can help you drive your company or organisation forward.

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