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Certified Professional Coaching

Obtaining a coaching certification in Malaysia as a coach is extremely beneficial to yourself and others. This applies to both people wanting to start a career in coaching, and also people looking to become a better executive, director or manager at their organisation.

Become a certified coach at Teamcoach International now, and start advancing your career and personal skills. Research has consistently shown that coaching contributes to an increase in personal development, individual performance and business success. Moreover, coaching creates a sense of ownership that helps you to clarify your own purpose, goals and objectives.

On top of that, coaching also strengthens your transformational leadership competencies in your organisation. This would allow you to demonstrate a positive influence towards your employees and increase their engagement and nurture their talent development.

Get started now. Contact us today to enroll yourself or your team into one of the best coaching certification programs around the world.

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    Program Schedule

    Certified Professional Coach (English)
    Mar 2024 Cohort
    9-10 Mar (Sat-Sun), 23-24 Mar (Sat-Sun)
    6-7 Apr (Sat-Sun), 20-21 Apr (Sat-Sun)
    25-26 May (Assessment)
    8 Days within 3 Month period + 1 Day for Presentation / Assessment
    Virtual Workshop
    Certified Professional Coach (English)
    Apr 2024 Cohort
    24-25 Apr (Wed-Thurs), 8-9 May (Wed-Thurs)
    29-30 May (Wed-Thurs), 11-12 June (Wed -Thurs)
    17-18 July (Assessment)
    8 Days within 3 Month period + 1 Day for Presentation / Assessment
    Physical Workshop
    Kuala Lumpur
    Certified Professional Coach (English)
    May 2024 Cohort
    4-5 May (Sat-Sun), 18-19 May (Sat-Sun)
    8-9 June (Sat-Sun), 22-23 June (Sat-Sun)
    27-28 July (Assessment)
    8 Days within 3 Month period + 1 Day for Presentation / Assessment
    Virtual Workshop

    Why Become A Certified Coach?

    Benefits as a Certified Coach

    Become a certified coach in Malaysia today. Empower yourself and become a better leader at your organisation. Upon obtaining a coaching certification, these are the following benefits that you can expect to receive and maximise your career potential:

    Invite Open Communication

    Develop Emotional Excellence

    Ignite Passion To Perform

    Build More Trust & Respect

    Empower Decision Making & Accountability

    Who Should Attend

    • Senior Leaders, Directors, Executives and HR Professionals.
    • Retired Executives and Managers
    • Organizational Design Professionals, Management Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators.
    • Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.
    • Counselors and Psychologists.
    • Individuals who are passionate about supporting the professional, personal growth and success of others.
    • Anyone who wants to take Coaching as a Career.
    In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our utmost priority to protect our participant, staff and external service providers by upholding high standards in health and safety procedures.
    For physical workshop, all participants must be fully vaccinated accord to the latest country SOP