Nandini Das Ghoshal

Executive Director, ION Consulting Pte Ltd.

Nandini is the Executive Director and co-founder at ION Consulting International Pte Ltd., a coaching, leadership and mentoring consultancy founded on the principles of Applied Neuroscience, operating out of Singapore, Laos & London. She works with leaders and teams to create and deliver bespoke learning workshops on leadership, transition, change, and behaviours.

In her 20 years in the industry, she has been a corporate leader, brand and consumer insights consultant, academic researcher and content creator. She is an International Association of Coaching (IAC) Masteries Practitioner and is an alumnus of Dr Paul Brown’s Science of the Art of Coaching – Applied Neuroscience for Coaches; She has also been a research advisor to ICF, Singapore.


Digging deeper into the science of the art of Coaching with Applied Neuroscience to understand “human performance”


The term “performance coaching” was brought into the world of corporate performance from the world of sports in the 1980s. However, recently, its context has become tumultuous being besieged by lay-offs, open-source frameworks and hybrid ways of working. We are still dealing with a massive global human tragedy of COVID and attempting to recover from it in today’s new normal conditions.

In this situation, is the “performance narrative” of Coaching enough? What do Coaches need to know about motivation, behaviors and emotions to help their clients tide over the crisis? What can we learn about human energy from Applied Neuroscience that will help us relook at Coaching as the one element of human development that still delivers on “performance”?

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