Xinying Cindy

Certified Professional Coach (TCI-CPC)

Xinying Cindy is a certified professional coach. Her coaching journey is one of courage and self-belief as she is one person who is constantly creating opportunities for herself through sheer determination to overcome her visual impairment. She is currently a senior recruiter for a clinical operation team in a clinical research centre.

Cindy got into coaching after undertaking the Certified Professional Coach program with Teamcoach International, deepening her interest in supporting others. Her success comes from the conviction that she is a ‘Person Without Disability’ (PWD), as opposed to the global term ‘Person with Disability’. In her world, there are no limitations, only the will to overcome struggles.


Breakthrough as a Visually Impaired Coach


As a new entrant to the coaching world, one of my most challenging tasks was getting people on board the process. First, it requires demonstrating your genuine belief in coaching and, secondly, promoting an awareness of its role in enabling personal development and growth. In this presentation, I will share some of the skills I have applied to keep coachees interested and engaged in building their trust in the coaching process. Coaching is close to my heart as a confidence and capacity-builder, and for this reason, I will be talking about my journey as a coach, the challenges and benefits, and most of all, how it has strengthened my resolve to help others. Some of my coachees will also share their stories of the positive outcomes of coaching.

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