Ng Eng Hooi

President - Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC)

Eng Hooi is a learning and development practitioner and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is the author of “Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture, A Step-by-Step Guide to Coaching Culture Implementation,” He was recently awarded the Silver Award for “Best Internal Coach 2022” by Coach Awards.

He is also the former head of organization development and global master coach for a major technology firm in Asia. His key mandate is to develop talents and learning strategies for organizational development and create a coaching culture for future growth. Previously, he was the co-leader of global coaching task forces.


Building a High-Performance Organization with a Sustainable Coaching Culture


Sustainable Coaching Culture is formed when organizations implement coaching to all employees through communicating and training coaching values, purpose, mindset and skill.

The session will explore building a high-performance organization with a sustainable coaching culture. The coaching culture will be defined and where it exists, its impacts will be highlighted. Simple frameworks, strategies, and ideas on how to sustain a coaching culture will also be shared. The tangible and intangible benefits derived from building a coaching culture in organizations will be highlighted in the session.

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