Gain new leadership skills and discover the ‘High Touch’ approach

In challenging times, the choice of leadership traits and competencies are crucial in dealing with the present and shaping the future. Significantly, leaders need to be aware of their impact on those they serve.

This program equips participants with the tools to lead in a purposeful way, bringing meaningful outcomes to organisations and communities.

In this experiential workshop, participants work with the 7 Cs of Leading with Purpose and Passion™, exploring the transformative journeys of becoming inspirational and effective leaders.

Join us and unleash your true potential and discover the joys of going ‘High Touch’ in an increasingly ‘High Tech’ world.

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    Programme Approach

    Leading with Purpose and Passion introduces the 7 Cs. When embraced and internalised promises a leadership journey of success for leaders, followers and organisation. The approach incorporates the following values, virtue and traits:

    • Clarity of Purpose
    • Congruence
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Courage
    • Compassion
    • Coach
    • Community Builder

    Programme Learning Outcomes

    • Able to identify and clarify purpose in leading others
    • Align self-purpose and team’s purpose
    • Learn tools to create a culture of openness
    • Encourage creativity and constant innovation in the organisation
    • Learn to inspire followers
    • Innovate to embrace change
    • Create a climate of trust and respect
    • Facilitate to enhance participation and demonstrate inclusiveness
    • Coach to encourage, energize and empower followers
    • Develop and enhance emotional excellence as a leader
    • Display emotional intelligence in their leadership.

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